Give me some more diamonds and wild Eliot pre-games loves yeah Seymour big-spending wild love meat diamonds Give me a big one gonna last in diamonds All right, a nice bonus on summer cash Three lines $1 for Lion got the bonus. Let’s get those guys to stick. Oh, come on Oh my gosh, come on Oh my gosh, we need them in the myth in the front Come on the front, there we go.

That Queens two bucks. I need one good spin I’m gonna do a back up spin of a dollar or yeah Just one dollar one line and I got the bonus So, let’s see if we can line up those thunderbolts on that middle line as many as possible Really if I could just get these three then I’ll rack up it on every string So let’s let’s start the feature and see what happens There we go, all right, I’ve got six online slots games remaining with a guaranteed win every time Now I just need Like a diamond up there For spins left I got dice Wait, I can’t believe this actually worked out for me Come on give me a big one nein Okay, give me a diamond or dice in the front. Look at that We don’t mentor what that would have been if I was betting all the lines Would have been ridiculous Wow Okay, I’ll take it hundred eighty five dollar bonus. I was down to a dollar Betting less lines Amazing and because of that I will go ahead and do a full credit spin But that’s not what I wanted to do on my last spin and take it 280 Ya didn’t get anything on that okay Wow, I can’t believe that actually worked for me so maybe I can hit that I Would have been amazing. Oh, you know what maybe we’ll do three dollars and we’ll do 20 dollars.

We’re sitting in another bonus Five dollars Alright, I’m not gonna push it I’m gonna take my 170 but maybe I can hit one of those. But anyway, no problem Forget one more decent spin evident Later Their help sound already Richard you’ll be off Richard Come on Thundercats no lightning a lightning bolt lightning balls We trigger too come on a stage these days And get you want to ID both there And we get the nines there Down 1/4, come on, come on. Yes one two days Come on my ninth We would have it there $20 Come on come on, they need more lightning bolts.

There we go Build us up With those diamonds give us our $40. Okay, $230 bonus on that $3