23 Things To Do In Saigon Vietnam

Right now, I’m at the Bình Tây Market. I think they have everything here that you could want, from clothes to food to snacks and even like cookware, this is a great place to buy cookware. But anyway, lots and lots of things available at this market and there’s a beautiful food court as well, where you can stop to eat breakfast or lunch. It’s kind of a square market, and then in the middle is a Chinese garden where you can come to relax. This is a great market, I’m loving it. I’m at the Thiên Hâu Taoist Temple in Saigon in Chinatown, and this is, I think this is one of the biggest, most well known and important Taoist temples in this area of Saigon.

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Many people come here to buy these coils of incense and then they hang them up. Whoa, a little piece of ash just, just fell down right beside me. As you can see a bunch of smoke coming from the incense over there.

I’m standing on the balcony now of the Ho Chi Minh City Museum, which I think, I think previously it was called the Revolutionary Museum. But it’s just 15,000 dong for entrance. Part of the beauty of the museum is just the building that it’s housed in, which is a neoclassical building which I think was built in 1885.

It’s a beautiful building and within the museum you can find all sorts of exhibitions about the history of Ho Chi Minh City, as well as some Vietnamese cultural, traditional exhibitions as well. And it’s a place that you can go to learn about the history of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam. I’m at the Bitexco Financial Tower, which is by far the tallest building in Saigon making up the skyline. There are two options when you come here, you can either go to the sky, the Saigon Skydeck, which I think is on the 49th floor, or alternatively, you can go to a cafe which is on the 50th floor. And you can buy a drink, a drink or a snack there and get the same great view. So, I am on the 50th floor now and I just ordered up a little cup of coffee, a ristretto.

Oh yeah, that is strong, but the views from up here are pretty amazing. We’re on the 50th story, of course so you’ve got a really nice view. Unfortunately this is not the clearest of days I chose to come here.

It’s sort of raining, but it’s still a good view of the city. I am at the Independence Palace, which is also known as the Reunification Palace, and this is right in the heart of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. One of the most important attractions, landmarks.

But formerly it was the main seat and house of the President of the Republic of Vietnam. And now, they’ve turned it more into a museum. Although they still, I think they still use it for government meetings and events. I think they’re having actually a meeting right now as we were inside.

But you can really go to many different floors and the basement was probably the most, one of the most interesting parts. I am at the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is right in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. And this is one of the most important landmarks and churches, Catholic cathedrals, built in the Neo-Romanesque style. The most noticeable features of the church are the 40 meter high towers, spires, the duo of them on either side. And this is a beautiful, a beautiful cathedral and just a really great environment here in Ho Chi Minh City, so this is a place you must visit when you are here. Right now I am at the Central Post Office in Saigon and it’s actually right across the street from the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

One of the reasons it’s very famous is because the architect was Gustave Eiffel, who also designed the Eiffel Tower, and actually you can buy a post card to send it from here, but there’s also some souvenirs. It’s sort of turned into a tourist attraction, but at the same time it’s a practical tourist attraction and it’s a really beautiful building. The wrought iron, green wrought iron gates, and what I also really like about inside is the beautifully tiled floor. Right now I am at the War Remnants Museum, and it’s actually very close to the Independence Palace. This is not a fun, or exciting place to visit, but it is a place to come to pay respect and to remember the brutal history of the war in Vietnam.

Outside are many displays of tanks and military weapons and vehicles. And then inside it’s actually mostly exhibitions of photography showing the horrible events and the, just the terrible violence that was a result of the war. (somber music) I’m standing outside the Saigon Opera House, which is one of the most recognizable landmark buildings in all of Ho Chi Minh City, and it’s a really beautiful building, built in the French Colonial period.

I think it was built in 1897, but they also still have a show here. So you can purchase tickets to go to the show and then see the inside of it, or you can just see it from the outside and just admire the architecture and the French Colonial building. Right now I am on Dong Khoi Street.

This is one of the most famous streets in Saigon, especially for its upscale shopping malls and boutiques and hotels. So if you’re looking to do some upscale shopping and get some fresh designer wear, you definitely need to come and explore the Dong Khoi area in Ho Chi Minh City. Alright I just came into the Saigon Zoo, which is also on the same property as the Botanic Gardens.

So far it’s just a really beautiful, tree lined, big huge trees. It’s really lush and green and cool and quiet and peaceful in here compared to the loud, rowdy motor-scooter filled roads outside. The zoo itself, the animal displays and cages are not fantastic. The animals don’t look too happy, but definitely the grounds and the Botanic Gardens are beautiful. I think that’s what’s worth coming here for is definitely the Botanic Gardens.

Many people are like relaxing on the grass, having picnics and taking naps. There are a few different coffee shops around, as well as places to eat ice cream, and even a full food court. So I think this place is definitely worth coming just to walk around the really nice and lush gardens and to just take a break from the outside scooter, motor traffic.

Alright, I am at the Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine. I think she said it’s the first private museum in Saigon, or maybe even in Vietnam. I mean it focuses on Vietnamese traditional medicine, holistic medicine, lots of herbs and natural remedies.

Vietnamese medicine is very influenced by Chinese medicine, and yet at the same time it pulls together medicine, Vietnamese medicine from the north, as well as the south, and also throughout Vietnam. This is just a very impressive, peaceful and quiet museum. And I think this is a great place to visit when you’re in Saigon. She said that I can try on some traditional Vietnamese medicine man clothing. I am a Vietnamese medicine man.

Whoa, this thing is heavy. You could lift weights with this thing. I am at the San Art Gallery in Saigon and this is one of the few independent, nonprofit art gallery, creative spaces in the city. If you are a lover of art when you come to Saigon, you should definitely check out one of, either the San Art Gallery or there’s another couple of art galleries as well in the city that you should check out. We are at Turtle Lake, which is this roundabout right in the heart of Saigon. And this is a very popular place for, especially young people to hang out.

It’s so action packed, but people are nice, and people are just all having a great time. I think that’s, that’s one of the great things about Vietnam is that people, people genuinely have a great time and enjoy socializing and just hanging out, and I think just enjoying life. Right now I am at Ben Thanh Market, which is right in the center of Saigon and surrounded by a giant roundabout.

This is one of the most famous markets in the city. Basically everything you can imagine is available to purchase here, souvenirs, food. There are lots of like dried fruit and snacks, and as well as there are some food stalls as well. But this is a very central, Saigon market that you should visit when you’re in town.

I am in the Phu My Hung area, or sort of a district. It’s an upscale area of town, but it’s also a newly developed area of town. It’s a really nice place to walk around. It has a totally different feel from the chaos of central Saigon. It’s much more relaxed and not nearly as busy with traffic. One of the most famous things is the Starlight Bridge, with a waterfall that lights up in a rainbow of different colors.

That is supposed to be one of the most romantic places in Saigon. So if you are looking for a great hang out, date spot, you might wanna check it out. I just bought my ticket to the Vietnamese traditional Water Puppet Show and I’m at the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater. So now just waiting, my ticket is for the 6:30 pm performance and I’m excited to see this traditional art performance. I’m at the History Museum, the Vietnamese History Museum.

And it’s actually right, kind of in the same property as the Botanic Garden and the Saigon Zoo. The museum goes through the history of Vietnam, starting from the Bronze period, Bronze Age period. There are lots of pottery, lots of porcelain, weapons. Also inside the museum there’s a big collection of Angkor Wat sculptures and reliefs and stone, stone carvings.

So I think that was probably my favorite part of the museum. So if you are interested in the history of Vietnam, as well as this whole region of southeast Asia, this is a good museum for you to visit when you’re in Saigon.  I’m at Shri Restaurant and Lounge and this is a beautiful rooftop restaurant and bar and lounge here in Saigon. I think we’re on the 23rd floor and there is just a wonderful view of the skyline. But when you are in Saigon, coming to a rooftop restaurant or bar is a great thing to do.

It’s a relief to get away from the busy, congested streets of the city and to just hang out and relax. There are a couple of different rooftop bars and cafes that you can visit when you’re in Saigon. And it’s a great way, yeah, just to get away from the chaos of the city and just to enjoy the view and the relaxation. I am at the Fine Arts Museum of Ho Chi Minh City, and actually I’ve been walking around already and, actually I’m quite impressed with the museum. It’s very well done.

There are lots of exhibitions showcasing art, and especially paintings and sculptures and lacquer work. From the ancient all the way to the modern, contemporary pieces. Part of the reason I’m so impressed is that it is housed in this wonderful, elegant and just a beautiful Colonial building. So definitely, if you enjoy art, this is a museum you’re not gonna want to miss when you’re in Saigon. I am at the Jade Emperor Pagoda in Saigon and this is one of the most important Taoist temples in the city. And you can walk around outside where there are some trees and pigeons and it almost has that cave-like feel to it.

It’s kind of dark, incense fills the air. And then you can also walk inside and walk around inside as well. One of my favorite things to do in Saigon is to not only go to one of the big famous markets like Ben Thanh, but I also, I think one of my favorite things about Saigon and Vietnam are the amazing, local fresh markets where you can just buy everything from fish to vegetables to herbs to noodles.

Markets in Saigon are amazing. And you should definitely check out a local, fresh market. Fresh Wet Market as well when you’re here. Easily my favorite thing about being in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is just the absolute sensational amount of food available. So you will find Vietnamese food everywhere from nice restaurants to the side of the roads to some of my favorite restaurants which are tucked away in quiet, peaceful alleys.

Uh, friendly alleys. And you’ll just get whiffs of delicious soup. You’ll get bathed in smoke from grilling meat. Basically every, every sense you can imagine will be aroused by the delicious food available here and it’s just a never ending buffet of delicious things to try and delicious things to eat. So when you are in Saigon, you just do not want to miss all of the delicious food available.

That brings us to the end of this video. Thank you very much for watching. I hope you liked it, and I hope it has given you some great ideas about some of the things you can do when you are in Saigon. I have actually taken this entire video and made it into a free e-book.

The Secrets About Hotels

 Hmm, I don’t want to get in trouble with this one.  How can you get things for free? Upgraded room or a comped room? I definitely recommend that you just ask, or complain about the view, size, or if the room’s dirty, your neighbors are loud, whatever the case may be.

 Be cool. Don’t make stuff up. Nobody cares about your anniversary. The only anniversary I care about is the one where you’re handing me a $20.  It depends on the occupancy, depends on the person, depends on the guest.

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 Don’t book off the discount sites, cause we know how little you paid for it, so when it comes to upgrades, back of the line.  I have had people who have not wanted to pay for the room, and actually have come up with nefarious ways to get things for free. They said that there was a rat in the room. The security team went to investigate, and there was a little rat in the room, but in the trash can there was a receipt from PetSmart. Well, the person and their new pet rat got kicked out of the hotel, with no refund.

 Well, there’s always the used condom excuse. That’s a classic. We found a used condom under the pillow. Dude, no you didn’t, unless that was yours. What’s the dirtiest thing in the room?

 All things fabric. Couches, chairs, the weird blanket that they put on top for the color accent. Discard it.  Probably the TV remote. It’s electronic, so you can’t really just spray it down with chemicals. I think it just kind a gets put back on the desk, and that’s about it.

 People use the bathroom, don’t wash their hands. Then they touch the remote after relieving themselves, in or out of the bathroom. Have I had any weird celebrity encounters, and the answer to that is too many to remember.  I’ve seen many celebrities in their underwear. Nobody that you actually want to see, though. I had someone call me from their bathroom, and ask me to come assist ’em in the tub, and then she would do things to me, if I would do that for her.

 Sometimes celebrities will check in under a different name. I had somebody stay at a hotel one time, and somebody asked me, “Was that this person?” I was like, “No, we don’t have anybody “staying in the hotel by that name.” One of the most awkward moments, and I’m not gonna name drop any celebrities, for example, if say Kim Kardashian was in front of me, and I didn’t know who she was, okay, what’s the last name for the reservation? Instant insult.

They just get really offended, like… Have you witnessed any porn shoots? Yeah.  I actually helped the guys bring up their phone equipment, and they tipped me with a sweatshirt that had the porn company logo on it.  I mean, it’s a good view, it’s a nice room, the beds are beautiful. I don’t blame them. They kind of have the attitude of like, “Yeah, we paid for this room, “we’re gonna do whatever the hell we want in it.”

 Do employees know when you book a room to have a one night stand? Yes, we do. Usually, it’s a bunch of giggling, snuggling, making out on said couch in front of employees, and then we’re just standing there like, “Right, so could you kindly insert “your credit card for incidentals?”  Not only do we know that you’re there for a one night stand, but we also knew who your wife is, cause you checked in with her an hour ago on a different floor. When you call down and ask us to deliver condoms, we also know that you’re not really a magnum, dude.

Can you replace items from the minibar without getting in trouble? You can try, but it’s really hard, because you got to find a pony sized bottle of diet cherry Coke and a can of M and M’s. Know how hard it is to find a can of M and M’s?  Everything in that minibar is inventoried and everything. We’ll probably be able to tell if it’s not something we’ve already bought. If you don’t want to pay for the $7 bottles of water from the minibar, you can just go refill your same bottle down at the fitness center.

By law, they have to have water for you there.  Why are people not allowed to smoke in hotel rooms? Do you know how long it takes to actually clean a room that’s had a smoke owner in it?

It’s a health hazard, number one. Number two, it knocks out the room for a week. I’m not gonna have somebody smoke in a room, and then when a teenage kids goes to lay down on a pillow, “Hmm, mommy, it smells like Camel.” Do I know when people are smoking weed in the room? Yes, I’ve had to go and inquire. They’re like, “No, we’re not smoking.”

  Do we say anything? That all depends, man, you sharin’? Weed, nobody cares about, because we know that they’re not gonna be causing any trouble after. They’re just gonna be sitting around and watching movies and raiding the minibar. That’s the clientele we want.

 So, just be a nice person, treat everybody well, enjoy yourself, make our lives easier, and we’ll make your stay incredible.  


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